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Hors les murs
11th October 2019 - Christian Bernard
History of the exhibition seminary

Christian Bernard, portrait © Ilmari Kalkkinen

L'IsdaT invites Christian Bernard, artistic director of the Printemps de septembre, to animate a seminar all year long for his students. This seminar is open to the public within the space available.
The subject of the seminar will be essentially historical. This is why he will sweep the issue of the exhibition (taken in the broad sense of plastic form of manifestation of art) from Antiquity to the present day, through many cases.


de 9h à 12h — amphi A, site Daurade


October 11, 2019

Novembre 22, 2019
Fair, universal exhibitions

December 13, 2019
Before the avant-gardes : une histoire oubliée : les Arts Incohérents

January 31, 2020
The avant-gardes of the 1910s (Dada, Futurismes).

March 13, 2020
Duchamp, surrealism and exhibition

March 27, 2020
The most visited of modern art exhibitions (Entarte Kunst ; art and totalitarianism)

April 24, 2020
Writing art history in an expanding world (the Venice Biennale and Documenta: history and geopolitics of art)

May 15, 2020
L’artiste instituant :
houses, workshops, museums and artists' exhibitions ; some exemplary utopias (Neuss, Marfa, etc.)