09.17 -- 10.17.2021

After being postponed for a year due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Le Printemps de septembre festival will return to Toulouse and its region on 17 September 2021. We are once again at work to prepare this event which will also be the festival's thirtieth anniversary. Strange times bringing uncertainties and worries. A decisive opportunity to affirm our commitment to art that nothing will have discouraged.

Even before the appearance of Covid 19, we decided to call this edition : On the ashes of the hacienda. It was not an anticipation of our current situation. But this constrained condition offers a remarkable metaphor of the world into which we are thrown and which appeared to us as the field of ruins of our emancipatory illusions. Ivan Shcheglov said in 1958 in the first issue of the Situationist International: "The hacienda must be built. "The idea of fortified hotbeds of resistance and subversion seemed a desirable horizon. This idea, reinvented in 1991 by Hakim Bey and his TAZs ("Temporary Autonomy Zones"), collapsed under the combined assaults of the progress of economic-political liberalism and disenchanted critical thinking. 
If the hacienda has perished in their flames, what is left for the artists if not to stand in this symbolic disaster and look beyond it ?

In the succession of editions of the festival, this one follows Dans la pluralité des mondes (2016) and Fracas et frêles bruits (2018). These three titles form a commentary on our contemporary destiny. 


As in the previous episodes, the festival will be held in many places in the city and its neighbourhood. It is essential for us to fit in with the labyrinthine geography of the city we wish to "affect" or touch with the artists we invite. As always, our main object remains the exhibition, its forms and formats, its capacity to transport us suddenly. 


About fifty artists will be spread out in about twenty places. Some of them, very young, will present the beginnings of their work, while others, some of them deceased, sometimes in 2020, will have their memory greeted. Art cannot live without memory ; it is a tense flow: artists pass the baton to one another over time. Some of them who are off the radar screens deserve to be reconsidered. History must erase its blindness. Each era brings a fresh look at the past, a fresh look that re-founds and revives neglected works. A festival like ours would like to contribute to dealing with our amnesias. 


It is impossible to discern today what will make sense tomorrow for our present. And yet this is where our greatest challenge lies. At least we know our limits and our luck.


Christian Bernard, 10th of November 2020.



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