Le Printemps de Cahors — Photography and Visual Arts

06.17 -- 07.03.1994

Little by little, without jolts or excess, Le Printemps de Cahors has become, after only three years of existence, one of the liveliest festivals in Europe. It is also one of the most eagerly awaited, as it plays a unique role as an observatory of contemporary creation in photography and the visual arts: a place where new artists emerge and confront each other, where we can see the evolution of works that are already established, or where older and recent works meet. For our objective is not the new at all costs. It can be just as interesting, for example, to give a different reading of works already known to specialists, to make comparisons or oppositions, to give, in plain language, a real context to contemporary creation. 


Le Printemps de Cahors has the extraordinary good fortune to be able to develop in an almost unconstrained way (within the limits of a modest budget, of course). Thanks to the enthusiasm of its President, Marie-Thérèse Perrin, thanks to the loyalty of those who support it, namely the national and regional institutions, its various sponsors and partners, and the City of Cahors, it is safe from the agitation or sclerosis which seriously affect certain other events. It can therefore devote itself to its sole mission: to present a programme of great quality, and make it accessible to all those who wish to take an interest in it. 


What's new for the 1994 edition ? First of all, the exhibition areas, which are enriched by the second floor of the Espace Caviole, which the Municipality has kindly agreed to have renovated to make it available to the Printemps from this June, but which is of course to be used for the City's entire artistic policy. In addition, we are keeping the emblematic places to which everyone here is attached: the Saint-James Mill, the Chantrerie, the Grenier du Chapitre, the Museum, the Cellier des Élus, and finally the Tribunal, which was used on an experimental basis last year and which proved to be an original space, well suited to a certain type of presentation. 


Régis Durand

Chantal Grande

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Dieter Appelt
Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand
Christian Boltanski
Gerd Bonfert
John Chamberlain
Milan Chlumsky
Arnaud Claass
Hannah Collins
Jean Daive
Paul de Noyer
Lin Delpierre
Jean Dieuzaide
Tom Drahos
Alain Fleischer
Joan Fontcuberta
Jochen Gerz
Thierry Girard
Ignacio Gomez Pulido
Loïs Greenfield
Yves Guillot
Bill Henson
Imi Knoebel
Robert Kuhn
Yves Lavalette
Bertrand Lavier
Richard Long
Olivier Meriel
Jorge Molder
Robert mondi
Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Helmut Newton
Walter Niedermayr
Patrick Olivier
Robert Rauschenberg
Patrick Raynaud
Jean-Philippe Reverdot
David Salle
Magdi Sénadji
Andres Serrano
Jun Shiraoka
Peggy Sirota
Peggy Sirrota
Miro Svolik
Keiichi Tahara
Dhandwar Singh Tarsem
Patrick Tosani
Javier Vallhonrat
Bernard Venet
Deidi Von Schaewen
Anne Walter
Bruce Weber
William Wegman
Bob Wilson
Joel-Peter Witkin