Le Printemps de Cahors — Photography and visual arts

06.14 -- 07.07.1996

In 1991, I made the ambitious gamble to give Cahors, a small medieval city of 20,000 inhabitants, a festival of international stature. 

Thanks to the rigor of our artistic choices, thanks to the will to never neglect the broad public, thanks to our concept "art festival and art for all", we have found our place and acquired a certain recognition. 

The ever increasing number of visitors (100,000 in 1995) attests to that. 

Each year, we strive to expand this festival by taking great care of its educational aspect and the development of commissions made to the artists. This year again we are innovating in this sense, and 1996 will be a first in the history of "Le Printemps".


On the invitation of the Association Française d'Action Artistique, Le Printemps de Cahors will participate in the French presentation in Copenhagen, European Cultural Capital for 1996.

I thank the Minister of Culture for his engagement and his confidence. 

I thank the patrons and the elected officials for their faithful support. 

I thank Régis Durand, Jean Lelièvre as well as Chantal Grande for their talent and their implication. I thank Patricia di Pasquale and her crew as well as my dear 350 local volunteers.

I thank them all... they trusted me and share in the success.


Marie-Thérèse Perrin

Présidente du Printemps de Cahors

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