Le Printemps de Cahors — La sphère de l’intime

05.29 -- 06.14.1998

Through careful observation of international contemporary creation, Printemps de Cahors, from the very beginning, has chosen not to separate photography from other arts. Its programme, conceived this year around the notion of intimacy, reflects this rigorous artistic direction. In addition to inviting major, internationally renowned artists, the festival presents many young artists, in a desire for discovery that reflects the diversity of approaches in all of today's plastic arts. 


For the past 8 years, the festival has surprised and seduced by its determination to make art accessible to a very wide public. The fact that all the exhibitions and events are completely free of charge, and the festive dimension on a city-wide scale are key elements to its success which is growing every year : in 1997, Cahors welcomed more than 100,000 visitors during the two weeks of the festival !


Over the fortnight, an enthusiastic and faithful audience of art lovers and professionals will live to the rhythm of the festival which, for the first time, is being organised around the cohesion of a single theme : thus the exhibitions, nocturnal screenings, parties and urban interventions  by artists around the town will adumbrate a real cartography of the intimate.


The success of Le Printemps de Cahors is also due is an unsual way of operating in France, more than 75% of its funding  comes from corporate sponsorship. The festival stands deliberately apart by its mix of public subsidies and private patronage, while pursuing its policy of coproduction with France's leading photographic institutions.


For 1998, Le Printemps de Cahors is reasserting its determination to create an event that highlights the transversality and dialogue of today's different artistic disciplines. It renews its invitation to the Soirées Nomades, whose live aspect perfectly illustrates the close relationship between the visual and performing arts. It entrusted a designer with the task of designing a signage-system that places the festival in the heart of the city, in an evolutionary perspective turned towards the year 2000. He elaborates new pedagogical actions, in a spirit of open-mindedness and high standards.


Le Printemps de Cahors, which has been selected as one of the official cultural events for the year 2000, continues to keep its promise : to surprise, again and again...


Marie-Thérèse Perrin

President of the association

Director of the festival

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