Cyann & Ben

Cine-concert — les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse

Cyann: keyboards, vocals
Ben: vocals, guitars
Charlie Boyer: drums, samplers, synthesizers
Loïc Carron: guitar, keyboards
Film: THX 1138 by George Lucas (35 mm, colour, 1h25, 1971-2004, director's cut version)


Original production: Rencontre du moyen métrage [Medium-length Film Festival], Brive, with help from the CCAS and the SACEM for the musical creation.


In a future underground society, people live sedated lives, socially bullied by an invisible, totalitarian power within a monochrome white world. Urged on by his partner LUH 3417, worker THX 1138 agrees to escape with her. This adaptation of George Lucas's end-of-course film, produced by Francis Ford Coppola, would launch the director's career. As a parable about the state of the world, THX 1138 already contains what would turn out to be the driving force of the four-part Star Wars series. At the request of the Brive Medium-length Film Festival, the Cyann & Ben group has composed a daring score to accompany this film, which tallies perfectly with their own world. In its critically acclaimed disks, the quartet, which hails from Châteauroux, actually prefers atmospheres that are at once mind-blowing and tormented, psychedelic and dreamlike--atmospheres which call to mind Sonic Youth, Mogwai, and Pink Floyd's early albums.