Julien Laforge

09.21.07 - 10.14.07
Exhibition — les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse

Julien Laforge, La mer des mamelles, 2006
Fir, medium, plaster, peat and metal structure
300 x 350 x 450 cm
© Printemps de septembre, photo Philippe Migeat

Julien Laforge, Planton, 2007
Fir, plaster
300 x 150 x 150 cm
Platelongue, 2007
Contreplaqué d'okoumé, serre-joints
70 x 450 x 300 cm
© Printemps de septembre, photo Philippe Migeat

Born in 1983 in Pontivy, France.
Lives and works in Paris, France.


Julien Laforge's works being shown at the Printemps de Septembre run counter to our relation to space because of their monumentality. Their scale invites movement and physical experimentation. Combining heavy architectural structures with elements which have round, animal shapes, they seem to mark the point where several territories converge. These sculptures evolve along a waterline situated somewhere between ancient sea beds and our contemporary reality. La Mer des mamelles/The Sea of Teats is the most impressive of Julien Laforge's works. You walk around this piece the way you might explore a terra incognita, forever in search of elements which elude the eye. Between architecture and landscape, it traces an intriguing topography which you only ever manage to grasp in a partial way.