Les frères Chapuisat

09.21.07 - 10.14.07
Exhibition — les Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse

Les frères Chapuisat, Cryptomnesia, 2007
wood et divers material

800 x 800 x 350 cm
Production Printemps de Septembre
© Printemps de septembre, photo Philippe Migeat

Grégory Chapuisat
Born in 1972 in New-York, USA.
Lives and works “in situ”.

Cyril Chapuisat
Born in 1976 in Bienne, Switzerland.

Lives and works “in situ”.

The Chapuisat brothers first embarked on their artistic careers separately, Gregory at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Cyril at the University of Kingston, in England. Since 2001, as their CVs point out, they have been “living and working in situ”, making monumental and practicable installations together, which often work like zones of withdrawal. Cardboard and chipboard are the main – though not exclusive – materials of their structures, permitting the construction of modular elements which spread to a point where they totally absorb the space in question. Their works are territorial alternatives proposing another way of living in the world. They have all the excess of children's dreams coming true, combining the freshness of a certain foolhardiness with an adult rigour. They get involved with nest-building, as befits exile, and invite one and all to venture into this restructured world with its interrupted boundaries.