Mujesira Elezovic

Exhibition — Espace Croix-Baragnon

Mujesira Elezovic, Fonds noirs, 2005/2006
18 digital photographs on aluminum
60 x 90 cm
Coproduction Jeu de Paume and Printemps de Septembre à Toulouse
© Printemps de septembre, photo Philippe Migeat 

Born in 1977 in Audincourt, France.
Lives and works in Switzerland.


Mujesira Elezovic's photos are arrested split-seconds, as if caught in mid-air. They do not involved direction and presentation, they do not play on the principle of an arranged space or a directed model, but rather on the instant capture of an unprovoked situation. Above all, the artist likes to become steeped in the places in which she brandishes her camera. She then lets the atmosphere of a geography or a given moment filter into the image. The spontaneity of her shots does not mean there is no open protocol. So the series Fonds noirs/Black Backgrounds complies with previously established rules. The artist strives, first and foremost, to photograph outside, at the precise time at which the sun at its zenith obliterates any cast shadows. The faces of the people she captures in the street are then directly exposed, struck by the intensity of the light. The work of Mujesira Elezovic thus consists in reworking the image with the help of digital techniques, so as to do away with all trace of context, leaving just the person, appearing on a black ground. This intervention lends her photographs a theatrical effect which magnifies the expressions of the different subjects, and presents the variety of facial emotions with greater keenness.