Ultimo Round

Vol à l’intérieur de Valparaiso
Spectacle — théâtre Garonne | Scène européenne

Jean Louis Coulloc'h: actor
Vincent Fortemps: drawing
Alain Mahé: sound composition
Emanuela Nelli: dance, photography, video
Jean François Pauvros: electric guitar, improvisation
François Virolle: light construction, video

Claudine Bocher: production manager

Jointly produced by the Théâtre Garonne and the Ferme du Buisson (Marne la Vallée).

Spectacle jointly presented with the Théâtre Garonne.


Ultimo Round is a group project combining words, dance, live drawing, image and music, the outcome of a month and a half's work in Valparaiso, Chile. Devised as a series of "rounds", this now-for-something-quite-different spectacle brings together the actor Jean Louis Coulloc'h, the draughtsman Vincent Fortemps, the composer Alain Mahé, the dancer Emanuela Nelli, the musician and improviser Jean-François Pauvros, and the electrician François Virolle. The script of this variable-geometry spectacle is based on rich, composite material, put together in Chile and France: films and sound documents from Valparaiso Bay; Carmen Castillo's narratives and radio documents; text editing based on writings by Elias Canetti, Pablo Neruda, Juan Gelman, Eduardo Galeano, Chris Marker, Pierre Sansot, John Berger, among others. Based on this material, the various protagonists together construct a stage poem with a marked political tone, in which mourning and dream, action and imagination are ubiquitous.