Vincent Mauger

09.21.07 - 10.14.07
Exhibition — Maison Eclusière

Vincent Mauger, Sans titre, 2007
Plaques de mélaminé multicolores découpées, taillées, vissées et boulonnées
Works produced with the assistance of the Printemps de Septembre, the Department of Plastic Arts and the Midi-Pyrenees Regional Contemporary Art Office (Ministry of Culture and Communication
© Printemps de septembre, photo Philippe Migeat

Born in 1976 in Rennes, France.
Lives and works in Nantes, France.


Vincent Mauger works space like a medium. His invasive installations unfurl and trace reliefs with complex and generic forms, proposing an altered understanding of the environment. By muddling their volume with the volume containing them, they are reformulations which put the onlooker in the position of explorer. Despite obstacles, these works methodically structure an invasion. It is the physical representation as much as the mental comprehension of space that are tricked here, and diverted from the usual orthonormal landmarks. These structures have the fragility of their “super-dimension”. Made of bricks, wood and paper, they rise up with both force and rigour, and overlap with each other with both application and subtlety. The imbalance between their size and their vulnerability makes for a poetic reading of the volumes. These unresolved works are thus offered to one and all like sensitive virtualities caught in the mass.