Xavier Le Roy - Helmut Lachenmann

Salut für Caudwell
Dance — Auditorium Saint-Pierre des Cuisines

Directed and choregraphed by: Xavier Le Roy
Music: Helmut Lachenmann, Salut für Caudwell, for two guitars (1977)
Guitars: Gunter Schneider, Barbara Romen, Tom Pauwels, Günther Lebbing
Dramatic direction: Bojana Cvejic, Berno Odo Polzer
Production: Wiener Taschenoper

Co-produced by Tanzquartier Wien, Wien Modern, Hebbel Theater Berlin


Spectacle presented jointly with the Centre de Développement Choréographique Toulouse/Midi-Pyrénées.


In Salut für Caudwell, the choreographer Xavier Le Roy sets the eponymous piece by the composer Helmut Lachenmann in motion. By taking as his point of departure the links between the musician's gestures and the resulting sounds, he here pursues and develops Lachenmann's compositional process. In his earliest works, this latter actually initiated a systematic exploration of the different methods of instrumental playing, constructing an acoustic world bringing sound and noise together. Xavier Le Roy, in his turn, upsets the mimetic relation between the action and sound coming from motion. All the dissociations possible between what you can hear and not hear, listen to and not listen to, see and not see are here unfurled in the piece, and hand power over to the audience's senses.