Antonia Baehr

Les Soirées Nomades de la Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain — MJC Roguet

Antonia Baehr, Rire

© Julie Pagnier

Conception, interpretation, composition et choregraphy : Antonia Baehr

Artistic and choreographic collaboration: Valérie Castan, Lindy Annis, Manuel Coursin, Sylvie Garot

From music scores of : Naïma Akkar, Lindy Annis, Bettina von Arnim, Antonia Baehr, Ulrich Baehr, Frieder Butzmann, Valérie Castan, Manuel Coursin, Nicole Dembélé, Nathan Fuhr, Sylvie Garot, Frédéric Gies, Christian Kesten, Heather Kravas, Antonija Livingstone, Andrea Neumann, Stefan Pente, Isabell Spengler, Steffi Weismann, William Wheeler, Henry Wilt...
Administration : Ulrike Melzwig, Alexandra Wellensiek
Duration: 70 min
Thanks to: MJC Roguet

Playing with classical concert codes, Antonia Baehr performs a recital made up of scores for laughter. In it, with all the rigour of a stylistic composition, she develops variations on this personal and social behavior, progressively constructing with her audience a mirror-like relationship, by turns funny and frosty.


Wednesday 23 September, MJC Roguet

Antonia Baehr and Lindy Annis, “Atelier de rire, cris, pleurs et grognements” (Workshop of laughter, cries, tears and groans). Analysing, experiencing and exploring what expression of emotions does to the body in a choreographic and musical work.
Reservations at the MJC Roguet : 05 61 77 26 00


Saturday 26 September, 3pm, in the Entretemps (Meantime) module by Alain Bublex, Musée les Abattoirs
Meeting with Antonia Baehr and Joris Lacoste.
Reservation : 05 34 62 77 70

Production Make up productions - Coproduction Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Les Subsistances/Lyon.