Berlinde de Bruyckère

09.25.09 - 10.18.09
Exhibition — Couvent des Jacobins

Berlinde de Bruychère, view of exhibition in les Jacobins, 2009.Photo  Damien Aspe,  ©Le Printemps de Septembre—à Toulouse

Berlinde de Bruyckère, Lost I, 2006. Photo Damien Aspe, ©Le Printemps de Septembre—à Toulouse

Born in 1964 in Ghent (Belgium).

Lives in Ghent.


A specific installation of sculptures by the Flemish artist is shown in the les Jacobins cloister.


Made from organic materials, such as wax, tree branches, and animal remains, enclosed in old pieces of furniture and wrapped in blankets, the sculptures made by this Flemish artist deal with the life/death duality, and link back up with the mediaeval art of funereal sculpture.