Cyprien Gaillard

Pruitt-Igoe falls
09.25.09 - 10.18.09
Exhibition — théâtre Garonne | Scène européenne

Cyprien Gaillard, Pruitt-Igoe Falls, 2009

© Cyprien Gaillard

Born in 1980 in Paris.

Lives in Paris.


Pruitt Igoe-Falls, 2009. The demolition of a low-rise apartment block is overlaid on a large waterfall. A film hitherto unshown in France.


Somewhere between vandalism and minimal aesthetics, romanticism and land art, Cyprien Gaillard’s work revisits the “poetics of ruins” dear to Diderot, reworks the aesthetic category of the sublime, seeks out places with a new picturesqueness, and envisages modern architecture, from suburban low-rise blocks to the German bunkers of the Second World War, as archaeological vestiges of the present, like so many ruins in the offing.