Eric Baudart

...and you? What do you stand for?
09.25.09 - 10.18.09
Exhibition — Espace Croix-Baragnon

Eric Baudart, view of the exhibition vous, que représentez vous?, Espace Croix-Baragnon, 2009. Photo Damien Aspe,

©Le Printemps de septembre—à Toulouse

Born in 1972, lives in Paris.


For the festival Eric Baudart is taking over the Croix-Baragnon space with the unique diversity of his artistic experiences.


The photographer Eric Baudart is broadening his artistic praxis to sculpture and installation. This is what he exhibits: interplays of materials, reflections, surfaces; his images waver between nature and artifice, reality and make-believe. Using close-ups and oversized elements, the artist draws a poetic path within the physical aspect of ordinary objects. Or as the title of one of his solo shows puts it: “Density is not real”.



What does the festival’s subtitle “Here where I am doesn’t exist” do for you?
Eric Baudart : It makes me think of the “Big Rip” concept. Here’s the definition of it from Wikipedia: “The Big Rip is a cosmological model proposing an unusual scenario of the end of the universe. It predicts that the latter’s density will start to increase with time, and this despite the fact that the universe is still expanding.”