Frédéric Moser - Philippe Schwinger

France, détours
09.25.09 - 10.18.09
Exhibition — Centre Culturel Alban Minville

Alles wird wieder gut (de l' installation Farewell Letter to The Swiss Workers), 2006
Courtesy galeries Jocelyn Wolff, Paris et KOW, Berlin

Video digitale ; 19’56’’, 16/9 Anamorph.
German subtitled english

Born respectively in 1966 and 1961 in Saint-Imier (Switzerland).

Live in Berlin.


For the Printemps de Septembre, a remake of the TV series “France, Tour Détour, Deux Enfants” by Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville in 1978. Between reality and fiction, this first episode, mostly shot in the Mirail quarter, is based on a series of interviews with the children, adolescents and adults who live there.


After founding and running the “Atelier ici et maintenant”, a company located in Lausanne, these Swiss video-makers have been applying their theatrical experience to the issues of contemporary art. By re-enacting scenes taken from reality, and by re-creating recent social goings-on, they have come up with a kind of “historical fiction”.


The artists’ residence Moser & Schwinger is supported by Direction Régionale des affaires culturelles de Midi-Pyrénées. Film made with the support of the INA (national institute of the audiovisual).



Moser & Schwinger about France,détours
" The 19th century school book Le Tour de France par deux enfants [The Tour of France by Two Children] was a pretext for discovering the country’s history and geography. In 1978, Godard and Miéville drew inspiration from it for the TV series “France tour détour de la France par deux enfants”, and proposed a journey in the figurative sense into French people’s life styles; they questioned a boy and a girl about their daily lives, then broadened the interview, their aim being to “experience and see themselves on TV”. Thirty years have elapsed, ways of thinking in society are finding new definitions, but it is away from the mass media, well removed from TV sets, that alternative models are managing to make headway. We are going back to the drawing-board with the method of questioning ushered in by Godard/Miéville, and proposing a new type of series which questions “France […]” in stages. We are going to travel, but in order to “explore” situations; the production place is then used like a place of broadcasting. Our first episode, La peur et les invités [Fear and Guests], starts as part of the Printemps de Septembre in the Le Mirail neighbourhood. Based on a series of interviews conducted with children, teenagers and grown-ups, our model for questioning emerges. We leave room for the observations and projections made by the younger generations, while at the same time developing an ongoing critical dialogue to do with the imagery produced. In tandem, we embark on a task of investigation and invention, where fiction infiltrates and even hijacks the facts to reflect the real".