Pierre-Olivier Arnaud

09.25.09 - 10.18.09
Exhibition — Galerie Duplex

Pierre-Olivier Arnaud, exhibition view at the galerie Duplex, 2009

© Printemps de Septembre—à Toulouse

Photo Damien Aspe

Born in 1972 in Lyon.

Lives in Grenoble.


Everything started by collecting pictures, be they found in magazines, on the Internet, or in the daily press, which the artist re-processes, discolours, desaturates, disembodies, and then re-displays, haloed in grey, in photo format or as offset posters. Base images, then, to which the use of black-and-white and the negative lends an unreal, fictitious aspect which questions their degree of representation.


What does the festival’s subtitle “Here where I am doesn’t exist” do for you?
Pierre-Olivier Arnaud : I always feel close to these paradoxical utterances, which force us to consider anew our relation to reality—and consider the potential in terms of fiction and doubt. For me it conjures up René Dumal’s Mount Analog, that mountain-isle that’s impossible to observe from a distance, so powerfully does it bend space, and that resists photography, so no image of it is forthcoming.


What does art help you accomplish?
Pierre-Olivier Arnaud  : A few journeys, a few meetings, a few images—honing a relationship with the world. That’s already a lot.