Pierre Vadi

Hell Is Chrome
09.25.09 - 10.18.09
Exhibition — Château d'Eau

Pierre Vadi view of the exhibition Hell is chrome at the Château d'eau, 2009. Photo Damien Aspe, ©Le Printemps de Septembre—à Toulouse

Production le Printemps de Septembre

Born in 1966 in Sion (Switzerland).

Lives in Geneva.


With Hell is Chrome, Pierre Vadi  has taken over the whole Château d’Eau, and built his world inside it.


This Swiss artist likes putting together make-believe geographical environments, fictional spaces which he makes with object-sculptures, either hyperrealist or of resin, various kinds of installations, maps and architectural interventions. Mental images, unknown kinds of meteorology, moonscapes which are as if vitrified, his art invites viewers into a revisited space-time frame.


What does the festival’s subtitle “Here where I am doesn’t exist” do for you?
Pierre Vadi : First of all it made me think of that joke you could read on a Richard Prince picture:
“Two people meet in the doorway of a psychoanalyst.
-Hallo. Are you coming or going?
-If I knew that, I wouldn’t be here.”
I also thought it was a serious, possibly solemn title, and maybe pretentious too. It’s okay. Something about disappearance and invention. Building worlds. It’s a real title, with no obligations. It even inspires nothing; but it seems to permit everything.


What does art help you accomplish?
Pierre Vadi : If accomplishing means completely finishing something, then nothing, “endless execution”, but time passes […] at breakneck speed.



Production : Le Printemps de Septembre–à Toulouse