Guillaume Pinard

05.24.13 - 07.13.13
Exhibition — BBB centre d'art

Rudolpf, preparatory studies, 2013.  © Guillaume Pinard, courtesy Gallery Anne Barrault.

David, preparatory studies, 2013 © Guillaume Pinard, courtesy Gallery Anne Barrault.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique, 2013. © Guillaume Pinard.


As part of the Toulouse International Art Festival, the BBB Art Centre has chosen to put on a solo show of the work of Guillaume Pinard, an artist who has lived and worked for many years in the Midi- Pyrénées region. In so doing, the Centre regards this as a special opportunity for shedding light on a body of work that is stubbornly tenacious, unusual, and of a high quality. To grasp what Vandale encompasses, posited as it is like a brutal and definitive interjection, you will have to experience the exhibition at the Art Centre – a venue devoted, by its very nature, to the preservation of works rather than their destruction. In this show, Guillaume Pinard is presenting drawings, many of them seasoned reproductions of classic pieces from our western cultural history (Baroque painting, neo-classical works). These visual quotations, shifted for a composition on the scale of the venue, are the fragments of the discourse and system of symbolic representation adopted by the artist, who sidesteps our various forms of academicism. If drawing offers a way of delving more deeply into privacy, Guillaume Pinard also questions, through his personal work, the artist-viewer relationship, the
manufacture of meaning and the perception alike, the praxis of art, and the construction of referents, markers and cultural signs. This is a lively way of thinking, one that is in motion, taking us into a demanding world that makes no concessions.

Guillaume Pinard was born in 1971, he lives and works in Rennes

Exhibition co-produced with the International Art Festival in Toulouse, with the support
of the French Institute in the framework of its agreement with the City of Toulouse.