Alain Bublex

La Radio *DUUU bout de la nuit (l'installation)
09.21.18 - 10.21.18
Personal Exhibition — institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse

© Alain Bublex, preparatory study for the Radio *DUUU bout de la nuit for Le Printemps de septembre 2018.

Ex-industrial designer Alain Bublex likes to introduce the most heterogeneous practices to each other. Spatial design, mechanics, photography,tourism etc. He resorts to fictitious models through which he deals with our mixed attitude towards change and utopia. 

Le Printemps de septembre turned to this chatty and ever-changing artist in order to reactivate Radio du bout de la nuit (“Radio from the end of the night”), created by the festival in 2009. The radio was hosted at the time by Jean-Yves Jouanais and the Chevalier de Rinchy and aimed to bring together that year's festival-goers and artists. 

Alain Bublex thinks radio's visual environment in such a way that it breaks away from the muted confinement of the studio and presents itself as a spectacle: a big stage, a marquee, a shed, a car-body, stumps of trees whose fallen leaves could contain messages etc. A lively, social place that also houses a food-truck and a bar. In collaboration with *DUUU, a web-radio dedicated to contemporary creation, Alain Bublex will also be the voice of the festival's radio.


On 21, 22, 28 and 29 September, the installation is activated for the nights of La Radio *DUUU bout de la nuit, from 9pm to midnight.

Alain Bublex studied at the Beaux-Arts school in Mâcon and at the École supérieure de design industriel in Paris. He started off at Renault but returned to his artistic aspirations in 1992. His work has been shown in many exhibitions, notably at the Palais de Tokyo, at the Centre Pompidou, at the Mamco in Geneva and at the Seoul Biennale. His module Entretemps, made for Le Printemps de septembre 2008, was acquired by the Abattoirs, Musée – Frac Occitanie Toulouse. Born in 1961 in Lyon, he lives and works in Paris.

This project was co-produced by the Jeu de Paume (Paris) and created in partnership with the institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse. Students Simon Dubedat and Nikita Suaud from the finearts department were accompanied by their teacher Michel Gary and worked with Alain Bublex.