Amy O'Neill

Holyland U.S.A.
09.29.18 - 9PM-12AM
The Night of Courtyards — Cour du Musée Saint-Raymond

© Amy O'Neill

Film screening

Duration: 5mn


Free entry

The Night of Courtyards, which took place for the first time in 2016, is an invitation to explore the city. We will wander from the Courtyards of one hôtel particulier to another to watch a selection of open-air artistic films selected for their capacity to take us on a journey from dream-like universes to singular sound compositions.


Holy Land U.S.A. is a biblical theme park located in Waterbury, Connecticut, it has been closed since 1984. Amy O'Neill's camera wanders through the now-decaying tourist attraction, in between mini-replicas of religious monuments. A fake wailing wall stands next to Egyptian pyramids covered with graffiti. There is something kitsch about this desolated scenery, sort of like an abandoned mini-golf course. Nevertheless, a bewitching impression of melancholy emerges from the scene as it basks in winter light. A powerful choir enhances the impression of time standing still. Amy O'Neill (born in 1971) is an American artist, inspired by vernacular culture as well as American and Swiss folklore. American beauty pageants, flower chariot parades, Santa Claus boots, etc. She invests her subjects with a phantasmatic force.