Anne-Charlotte Finel

Château en Espagne
09.29.18 - 9PM-12AM
The Night of Courtyards — Cour du Musée Saint-Raymond

Anne-Charlotte Finel

Château en Espagne, 2018

vidéo HD

musique de Luc Kheradmand

Courtesy de l'artiste et de la galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris

Film screening, 3 min
In the framework of The Night of Courtyards

Anne-Charlotte Finel, a video artist works on "entre chien et loup" using the title of a 2015 video in which she observes deers in an undergrowth on the outskirts of a town. She films locations at the junction of the inhabited and the wilderness, at dawn or dusk. Château en Espagne (2018) is no excep- tion: an unknown location at an evanescent point in time, a castle in ruins surrounded by dense vegetation. Moving away from black and white, Anne-Charlotte Finel colours her work, selecting the colours one by one like a painter. The subtle romanticism of the topic is disrupted by the work on the image, deliberately pixelated as well as the powerful drone sound lay- ers created by Luc Kheradmand, a musician and long-time collaborator.