Cassandro, El Exótico

Los Exóticos vs Los Luchadores
09.22.18 - 8:30PM-10PM
Event — Halles de la Cartoucherie

Cassandro El Exotico

© Olivier Ouadah / Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. Soirée Nomade Cassandro El Exotico, novembre 2014, dans le cadre des 30 ans de la Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain

Wrestling match
First part : musical set by Chris Imler
Presentation : Louise de Ville


Free entry within capacity limits, tickets available on location at 7pm

Following the portraits of Tony Conrad or Genesis P-Orridge, director Marie Losier draws the portrait of Cassandro el Exótico, a champion of lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) who fights his opponents dressed as a drag queen. First exótico wrestler to ever win the world championship – exóticos are gay wrestlers or transvestites from Latin America – Cassandro is a colourful character, gripping with fragility and exuberance. In addition to Marie Losier's exhibition at BBB and a few months before the theatrical release of the film selected in Cannes this year, Cassandro installs a ring at La Cartoucherie for a spectacular show. Hosted by the fantasmatic mistress of ceremony Louise de Ville, the match is preceded by a musical set by Chris Imler, (collaborator of Peaches and Puppetmastaz) whose solo performances end up in an electrifying rhythmic trance where the spirit of Alan Vega is never far away.


The match is part of a series of events linked to Marie Losier's work:

— 1:30pm: rmeeting and screening of Cassandro the Exótico! at the American Cosmograph (see cinema's rates).

— 5:30pm: exhibition tour of Hello Happiness! with the artist and curator Émilie Flory at the BBB centre d'art  de Marie Losier

— From 7pm: La Forêt Électrique, an ephemeral open-air cinema located in La Cartoucherie, in association with this special event will celebrate this Mexican tradition in their own way. A selection of quirky movies around lucha libre will be shown to the public, in a very peculiar industrial wasteland, refreshments will be served.

Proposed by Les Soirées Nomades de la Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, which already in 2014 hosted an unforgettable match with Cassandro and his Exoticos in one of their own exhibition spaces.