Flora Détraz

09.28.18 - 7PM-7:30PM
Event — La Place de la Danse

© Flora Détraz, photo credit : Pablo Lopez ALTA

Dance, 25 min
Conception and interpretation: Flora Détraz.
Lighting design: Arthur Gueydan.
Dramaturgical assistant: Anaïs Dumaine

Dancer, choreographer and ventriloquist, Flora Détraz transforms her body and her voice into a world full of strange figures. The metamorphosis is unique and happens there and then. Flora Détraz simultaneously brings into play two art modes, one corporal, consisting of gestures and attitudes, the other vocal, combining melodies, growls and sounds either in accord or discord, matching or differing, accompanied by a strange silent movie transposed onto a soundtrack. This mix produces presences, abstract fig- ures of an oracle or a monk in prayer, of a rapper and an opera singer. Flora Détraz reveals herself, very precisely in a physical and sonic performance, as someone deeply inhabited from within.