Rimaflow, an experience of self-management
09.22.18 - 5:30PM-7PM
Event — Jardin Raymond VI



photo courtesy by RiMaflow

The meeting will be held on Bert Theis benches, a symbolic location since one of the factory halls was named after the Milanese artist who passed away in 2016, as a tribute to his support of the RiMaflow project.

RiMaflow is utopian and yet a very real project documented by Barbara Barberis. It is a cooperative created by the former workers of the Maflow factory, shut down in 2012. Rimaflow is an extraordinary adventure of social struggle whose primary objective is to create jobs. Offices, laboratories, artists' workshops, various inventories... 35 different trades rub shoulders in this self-ruled factory which, when faced with economic crisis, chose solidarity rather than giving in to the 'free' market economy. Among stories of experiences and analyses, the topic will be social movements, self-management but also art. The meeting will be held on Bert Thies’s benches, an homage to this artist who passed away in 2016 and supported of the RiMaflow project.

Free entry

Duration time : 1h30

Barbara Barberis' work is presented at the Espace Saint-Cyprien: RiMaflow / Utopia In Progress.

Acknowledgements: Mariette Schiltz (Isola Art Center, Milan).