Sylvie Auvray - Florent Dubois - Amandine Meyer

09.21.18 - 10.21.18
Group Exhibition — Pavillon Blanc Henri-Molina | Centre d’art (Colomiers)



© Amandine Meyer, Le naufrage enchanté de Tête d’Oeuf et des enfants chewing-gum, 2013
series of 40 drawings, in ink.

Associated curator : Arnaud Fourrier

One comes into this exhibition as one would a cave full of strange figures. Three artists whose worlds are colourful, excessive and baroque associate drawing and sculpture. They compose processions of joyous and frightening figures that go from stroke to object. Elaborated from children's drawings, creative manuals or objects hunted down in flea markets, some of these creations toy with comic strips. Amandine Meyer installs her disused ceramics in a vast mural of rustic and extravagant forms as well as in the shape of a game laid out on a drawn space. Florent Dubois presents his drawings opposite a parade of anthropomorphic sculptures and paper lanterns. He arranges an almost kitsch universe in which references to popular art and children's tales mix. Sylvie Auvray embeds masks into a monumental drawing and shows a series of monotypes for the first time. Although she is known for her burlesque ceramics, drawing is everywhere in her atelier: it invents itself in comparison to encounter-objects, illustrated books and old comics from which she takes motifs in order to give them a second life.


SYLVIE AUVRAY was born in 1974 in Paris where she lives and works. She evolves in the field of contemporary art. Although best known for her burlesque ceramics, drawing is omnipresent in her studio. It is developed from objects, illustrated books or old comics she chines, where she collected reasons to offer them a second life. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, Mamco in Geneva, Center Pompidou.


FLORENT DUBOIS was born in 1990 in Besançon. As a draughtsman and a ceramist, he organizes an almost kitsch, romantically baroque universe, where references to popular arts, creative textbooks and children's stories are mixed up. His creative and friendly affinities lead him to collaborations with the officeabc studio. He is preparing a monographic book to be published by Tombolo Presses in 2018. Florent Dubois exhibited in 2014 at the CNEAI, in 2017 at the Art Center Les Capucins in Embrun and benefited in 2018 from a residence at the AFIAC in the Tarn. Graduated from ENSBA Lyon, he lives in Toulouse and in the Doubs.


AMANDINE MEYER lives and works in Montreuil. Trained in Nancy, Metz and Angoulême, it was published by ION and Misma, or Lagoon, a prospective journal on contemporary drawing. His work displays a dreamlike and protean universe at the crossroads of comics, ceramics and engraving. She exhibited in 2014 at the My Monkey Gallery in Nancy and was awarded in 2018 by the Angouleme ESIE Prize. Also in 2018, she is invited for an order by Cerfav (the European Center for Research and Training in Glass Arts).

Exhibition realised in partnership with the Pavillon Blanc Henri Molina | Centre d'art and the city of Colomiers.