Tamara Henderson

Seasons End : Out of Body
09.29.18 - 9PM-12AM
The Night of Courtyards — Hôtel de Madron's courtyard

Tamara Henderson, Seasons End : Out of Body, still, 16mm colour film with optical soundtrack, 25 min. 30 sec., 2018. Sound: Oliver Bancroft with music composed by Dan Riley; Edit: Oliver Bancroft, Steenbeck, South Thames College; Negative Cut: Steve Farman; Produced with Aude Levere and Jake Tilbury

Courtesy the artist and Rodeo, London and Piraeus.

Projection, 26 min
In the framework of The Night of Courtyards

Tamara Henderson has been developing her installation Seasons End since 2015 and has subsequently made a film based on the installation. It was pre- sented for the first time in France on the occasion of The Night of Court- yards. Shot with a 16mm pocket camera, Seasons End: Out of Body is a cho- reography of objects assembled and manipulated intuitively, almost unconsciously, using hidden threads as in puppet theatres. Costumes, sculptures, plants, shells, fruits and various objects made or gathered on the artist’s travels weave a poetic tale of wandering, transitions from one world to another, particularly from a material world to an "out of body" world. Tamara Henderson focuses on the modification of ordinary objects and creates a personal visual language that relates to dreams and to the spiritual and natural world.

Proposed by Marc Bembekoff and Garance Chabert. Acknowledgements: galerie RODEO and to Nancy Hushion for her generous support.