Tarek Atoui - Camille Llobet

L'Emprise des sens
09.21.18 - 10.21.18
Group Exhibition — Quai des arts (Cugnaux)




Since the 1910's, Art has continued to develop its notions and the spectre of its practices. With the Italian Futurists and especially Luigi Russolo, sound entered its field on the fringes of music and sculpture. Later, John Cage introduced silence into music. Found or constructed objects became more and more part of art works. The questioning of language and communication offered artists a whole field of thinking and of work. With conceptual art, the part played by senses was almost abolished. However, works of art first address the senses that perceive them directly. Our senses are what give us our daily hold upon the world. Therefore, how does a deaf or partially deaf person experience sound-related events? How can they grasp them? And how can they replicate their singular hearing experience? This exhibition reunites Tarek Atoui and Camille Llobet, two artists who confront these questions and invite us to experience perception differently. What is at stake here is an inclusive practise of contemporary art.





WITHIN is a collaborative project investigating how deafness can influence our reception and understanding of sound performance. It expands the notion of listening beyond the hearing towards tactile and visual sound perception. Initiated in 2012 and enriched by the contribution of the curatorial duo Council, WITHIN also gradually evolved as it was presented in different places across the world – at the Sharjah Biennale (2013), the Berkeley Art Museum, the Experimental Music and Performing Art Center in New York (2015), the Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris (2017), the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels (2017), etc. All along this journey, Tarek Atoui conceived an ensemble of eleven musical instruments throughout workshops and collaborations with instrument makers, software engineers, deaf and non-deaf students and volunteers and art educators. Born in 1980 in Lebanon, Tarek Atoui lives and works in Paris.


In the framework of the exhibition, a series of three concerts is programmed on 22 and 29 September and on 20 October.



Voir ce qui est dit


Camille explore les formes du langage dans leurs manifestations les plus diverses, physiques, émotionnelles, artistiques. Voir ce qui est dit est une œuvre composée de deux vidéos réalisées avec Noha El Sadawy, performeuse sourde, durant les répétitions de l’orchestre du Collège de Genève. Placée à côté du chef d’orchestre à chaque répétition, la signeuse a cherché des manières de décrire, raconter, commenter l’orchestre en langue des signes et donne ainsi à voir ce qui est joué. Dans cette exposition, Camille Llobet présente également la vidéo Faire la musique et la série de sérigraphies Séquence. Née en 1982 à Bonneville, elle vit et travaille à Sallanches.

Exhibition realised in partnership with the Quai des arts (Cugnaux).

Acknowledgements for WITHIN project : the Centre national des arts plastiques and Galerie Chantal Crousel.