Tarek Atoui

WITHIN – concert 3/3
10.20.18 - 3:30PM-4PM
Event — Quai des arts (Cugnaux)



Third episode of a series of three concerts


Duration: 30mn

With Glenn Marzin

For several years, Lebanese artist Tarek Atoui has been building a multifaceted project based on the way deaf and hearing-impaired people perceive sound. WITHIN is a collaborative project that explores the act of listening, how instruments are built, how improvisations are conducted, how scores are written and the relationship with an audience. At the Quai des arts in Cugnaux, music instrument resulting from this research are exhibited and used in a series of concerts and workshops. Each concert is a unique performance. For the opening of the exhibition, Tarek Atoui gives a concert in which for the first time we will play solo.

Each concert is a unique performance. On October 20, for the third and last concert under the WITHIN project, Tarek Atoui joins composer and lute maker Glenn Marzin. Both amateur and professional musicians, people with or without impaired hearing are invited to play on instruments presented in the exhibition, using scores or improvising freely. The workshops and concerts presented under the WITHIN project introduce us to a marvellous experience, allowing us to listen to music in an entirely new manner.


Workshop, open and accessible to all, on Wednesday 17 October from 7pm to 10pm. Information and registration at the Quai des arts: 05 81 60 82 62 /

In partnership with the Quai des arts (Cugnaux).