Le Printemps de septembre, since its creation, has always had the will to build a relationship with its audiences and to constantly expand its categories. With each of its editions, the festival renews its artistic proposals, its places, so many factors that push us to many experiences of mediation over the years in order to make contemporary creation accessible, without neglecting the audiences most distant from cultural practices and museums.


In line with its mission of dissemination, exchanges and artistic awareness, Le Printemps de Septembre has therefore set up several programs carried out according to the audiences concerned and their specificities : the school audience in collaboration with the DAAC, the workshop visits, concert workshops, or group visits for specific audiences (people with disabilities, residents in EHPAD, etc.), to name just these types of audiences.


In 2018, he partnered with LMAC (Mediation Laboratory in Contemporary Art) to call on their expertise, their experience in mediation and their knowledge of audiences, and to train the festival's mediation team.


The mediation actions carried out in 2018, in a few figures :

School: 4000 participants

Specific audiences: 660 participants

Teachers: 102 participants

Others: more than 800 participants


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